TISI Background
1966          The Thai Industrial Standardization Project was approved by the Cabinet to be incorporated in the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan.1968          The Industrial Products Standards Act B.E. 2511 (1968) was promulgated with approval of the Cabinet to be effective from 1 January 1969.
1969          1 January 1969, the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) was established in the Ministry of Industry as the national standards body of Thailand.
1979          25 March 1979. TISI was upgraded to a departmental status under the Ministry of Industry.
2008          The National Standardization Act B.E. 2551 (2008) was promulgated with approval of the Cabinet to be effective from 5 March 2008.

TISI is the national standards organization for Thailand, established under the Ministry of Industry by virtue of the Industrial Product Standards Act B.E. 2511.According to the Act, TISI has, as its governing body, the INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT COUNCIL which controls its policy, sets the priority of standards to be prepared, recommends qualified persons for the Minister to appoint to TISI technical committees, arbitrates and awards licenses under certification scheme.
TISI Standardization Activities
1. Standards development
          1.1 National standards development TISI develops both mandatory and voluntary Thai Industrial Standards (TISs) to suit the need and the growth of industry, trade and economy of the country. Standards are developed according to the government policy in consumers protection, industrial promotion to be competitive in the world market, environmental protection and natural resources preservation.
          1.2 International standards development TISI participates in the development of International standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
2. Product certification
          2.1 Product certification according to TISs The product certification schemes of TISI consists of 2 types with different certification marks. They are voluntary certification mark and mandatory certification mark.

Voluntary certification mark
Mandatory certification mark
          2.2 Product registration according to the Cabinet resolution, TISI carries out product registration as a kind provisional certification for products of which standards have not been established.
          2.3 Foreign inspection body to facilitate trade, TISI is designated foreign inspection body of the standards institutes of several countries such as Japan (JIS mark), Germany (VDE for electrical appliances), Sri Lanka, The Philippines and South Africa (for surveillance scheme).
          2.4 Green Label TISI, in co-operation with the Thai Environment Institution, carries out Green Label Scheme by which certified product can bear green label. This is the measure to reduce pollution in the environment as well as to encourage manufacturers to use clean technology.
3. The Information and Communication Technology Center of TISI provides information on standardization to manufacturers and interested persons. The service includes information on national, foreign and international standards, technical regulations, Conformity assessment procedures, etc.
4. WTO Agreements
The Ministry of Industry is, by the Cabinet resolution, the national focal point in the implementation of the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) under the World Trade Organization (WTO).
5. International standardization
For the purpose of trade and industrial development and of co-operation in technical areas, TISI has been participating in the standardization activities both at regional and international levels.
          5.1 International standardization
              • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TISI is a member of ISO. TISI’s participation in the international standards development of ISO is guided by the International Standardization Council of TISI.
              • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) The Thai National Committee for IEC of which TISI is secretary is a member of IEC.
              • Other organizations in the area of accreditation, TISI also participates in the activities of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).
          5.2 Regional standardization TISI is a member of the ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality (ACCSQ). In the activities of the Asia Pacific region, TISI participates in work of the Standards and Conformance Subcommittee (SCSC) under the Asia Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC).
6. Standardization promotion
The standardization promotion activity of TISI is to publicize and disseminate the knowledge in standardization and to create the correct understanding as well as the awareness in standardization among the public. It also aims at promoting the application of standards in production and service industry for the purpose of trade competition and better quality of life.
TISI publishes the monthly TISI Bulletin which contains information on TISI activities and international standardization movements. Other publication include TISI Annual Report and pamphlets on diverse issues; all of which are available free of charge for those who are interested.
TISI also publishes Buyers’ Guide on web site which comprises the list of published standards, licensees and their products as well as the list of registered products.
7. Personnel development
The training activity of TISI is to improve the skill and efficiency of personnel in the public and private sectors to be complying with the international criteria.
8. Standards information services and sales
As a member of the ISO Information Network or ISONET, TISI Technology and Communication Center provides information on national and international standardization activities for those who are interested. Access to standards information is also possible through the use of TISI library. TISI library houses a full set of Thai industrial standards, international and foreign standards including their catalogues, journals and other publications on standardization. 
In addition to the sales of Thai industrial standards, the Institute also acts as the sole agency for the sales if ISO standards and the standards issued by the members of ISO.
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